「nephews」(ネフューズ)は、現代美術家 田代敏朗がトータルディレクションを務めるアートスタジオです。


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“nephews” is an art studio under the total direction of contemporary artist Toshiro Tashiro.
Ateliers for production are operating in exhibition galleries, laboratory studios, etc.
The adjoining tea room is sometimes transformed into a common room, bar room, event space, etc.

About 2 hours from Tokyo on the Chuo Main Line, the first station in Nagano Prefecture A 10-second walk from Shinanosakai Station.
Located at the southern foot of Yatsugatake, the altitude is 922 meters, the air is low humidity and dignified,
It is a place where you can feel the charm of each of the four seasons with your five senses.

▼ “nephews” centered on the work of Toshiro Tashiro and artists who collaborate Open galleries, experimental events,
and art exhibitions will be held “irregularly”. Sorry for the inconvenience,
but please check the [OPEN DAY: business days] page before going out.

▼For transportation, please check the [ACCESS] page.